Which is the path we are taking now?

28 September 2020 News 298 Views

In September, we gathered again to agree on the specific plan for our next activities and tasks. The reorganization was a main priority but it contains so many little fragments that had to be updated and restored with a new power.

Moreover, the rapidly evolving situation and the everyday changing restrictions and limitations across the partner countries make that task even more complicated.

Luckily, the learning units within the CULINART Chef qualification adapted for e-learning are even more viable in the situation when distance learning suddenly became the more preferred way of educating.


CULINART project is extended until June 2021!

15 September 2020 News 305 Views

As a consequence of the measures taken to prevent COVID19 disease, our consortium had to postpone the pilot trainings across Europe. Pandemic paused society activities on so many level including exchange of experience and knowledge in face-to-face settings.

After a series of online consultations with the project partners, in July 2020 we have intitiated administrative procedures for extending the project duration with 9 more months thus giving a chance to the pilot training sessions to actually happen in the following months when we were hoping for better development of the situation.

As a result of our joint efforts to maintain the initial project concept until the end. We managed to extend the project duration and we are happy to announce that we will be around until the end of June 2021.

Despite all the difficulties, the partners are determined to meet the newly adopted restrictions and to assure safety regulations before engaging with participants and preparing them for the actual learning mobility.

Soon enough we will be exchanging quality knowledge and practice, hopefully in person!

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CULINART team is gathering for online meeting before the summer

02 July 2020 News 123 Views

At the beginning of 2020, when the consortium expected the pilot training to happen, we had a global crisis knocking on our doors and unexpectedly but inevitably we had to postpone them. Pandemic left us without an opportunity to continue with these activities because all of our partners had to overcome the inconvenience of this collective obstacle.Travelling was absolutely impossible with the critical area of spread of infectious disease all across Europe and beyond.

Like most of the projects involving physical mobilities across Europe under the Erasmus+ Programme, we also had to pause for a while and search for a way out of the situation. 

After some time conditioned by the situation caused by the pandemic COVID-19, a meeting was held today,  where all partner countries discussed the current context and the restrictions that exist in each country. Our efforts were invested into the planning of the next activities to be carried out under the project. We hope to have the opportunity to extend the project duration and to re-schedule the pilot training!


Project CULINART is searching for motivated people to be involved in an international training

01 December 2019 News 456 Views

Are you interesting of training in culinary arts abroad?

Do you want to be amongst the first that will pilot the new VET qualification for Chef?

 If yes - the CULINART pilot training is exactly what you are looking for!

Project CULINART is searching for motivated people from Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and Turkey to be involved in an international training that will be held in the 6 different countries.


The 4th Steering and Evaluation Committee and Expert Workshop was held in Reggio Emilia, Italy

18 November 2019 News 398 Views

The fourth meeting of the project partner organizations was held on 13th and 14th of November, 2019, in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The host of the meeting was the Italian partner - ISTITUTO FORMAZIONE OPERATORI AZIENDALI /IFOA/.


Third meeting of partners and experts of the CULINART project, France

07 October 2019 News 436 Views

In July 2019 the international partners met in France in Le Puy-en-Velay, hosted by the partner GRETA du Velay to discuss and approve the structure of the new VET qualification for Chef. The working group took into account the country specifics and variations of the existing training offers and requirements towards the education and training for cooks and chefs in the partner countries and thus came up with a common qualification profile for the occupation of Chef that was agreed with all the partner organisations.

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