Стартират пилотните обучителни сесии по проект Culinart!

07 May 2021 News 96 Views

Startirat pilotni obucheniq

Следващата седмица започват онлайн занятията на пилотното обучение по проект Culinart. Избраните участници ще бъдат ангажирани чрез онлайн обучителни сесии, организирани и предоставени от партньорите по проекта.


Пилотното пилотиране ще се провежда онлайн за всички участници от всички държави

07 April 2021 News 99 Views

Въпреки всичките ни усилия да осъществим физическата мобилност на пилотните обучаеми, в крайна сметка, ситуацията в глобален мащаб не позволява това да се случи.


Which is the path we are taking now?

28 September 2020 News 418 Views

In September, we gathered again to agree on the specific plan for our next activities and tasks. The reorganization was a main priority but it contains so many little fragments that had to be updated and restored with a new power.

Moreover, the rapidly evolving situation and the everyday changing restrictions and limitations across the partner countries make that task even more complicated.

Luckily, the learning units within the CULINART Chef qualification adapted for e-learning are even more viable in the situation when distance learning suddenly became the more preferred way of educating.


На къде?

24 September 2020 News 100 Views

През септември се събрахме отново, за да договорим конкретния план за следващите ни дейности и задачи по проекта. Реорганизацията беше основен приоритет, но съдържа толкова много малки аспекти, които трябваше да бъдат актуализирани и възстановени.


CULINART project is extended until June 2021!

15 September 2020 News 406 Views

As a consequence of the measures taken to prevent COVID19 disease, our consortium had to postpone the pilot trainings across Europe. Pandemic paused society activities on so many level including exchange of experience and knowledge in face-to-face settings.


CULINART team is gathering for online meeting before the summer

02 July 2020 News 212 Views

At the beginning of 2020, when the consortium expected the pilot training to happen, we had a global crisis knocking on our doors and unexpectedly but inevitably we had to postpone them. Pandemic left us without an opportunity to continue with these activities because all of our partners had to overcome the inconvenience of this collective obstacle.Travelling was absolutely impossible with the critical area of spread of infectious disease all across Europe and beyond.

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