Project partners

Partners were chosen due to their commitment to the project priorities - improvement of VET attractiveness, relevance, and quality; promoting the culinary arts, gastronomy and gastronomy tourism; fostering access to continuing education. CULINART partners bring diverse, yet complementary competencies, experience and expertise and cover wide geographical area. The consortium provides a balance of know-how and perspectives of various institutions.

The project partners are:

  • International College (BG)

    International College (BG)

    International College Ltd. /IC/ is a reputableinstitution for youth and adult education. Ituses innovative teaching methods andinformation technologies, based on established experience and traditions. IC is a leading VET provider for the tourism and culinary sectors in Bulgaria, with in-depth expertise and experience in curricula development, skills recognition, elaboration of methodological guidelines and development of study paths across VET and higher education, as throughout the years the institution has educated over 6000 trainees in Restauranteering, Food&Beverage and Culinary Arts. Read More
  • Varna University of Management (BG)

    Varna University of Management (BG)

    Varna University of Management /VUM/ is an international business school located in Bulgaria where students from over 40 countries receive education in Business and Marketing, IT, Computer Sciences, Tourism and Hospitality Management and Gastronomy and Culinary Arts. The university ranks high for student internships and international orientation on a European level, and ranks as the number one Bulgarian business school according to prestigious educational rankings such as U- multirank, Best-masters, Eduniversal. Read More
  • FASE (ES)

    FASE (ES)

    FORMACION Y ASESORES EN SELECCION YEMPLEO /FASE/ is a training consultancywhich since 1996 has stood for quality andinnovation in vocational, occupational andcontinuous training by offering courses inclassroom, distance-learning and mixedmodes as well as by development andpublishing of new solutions for learning andteaching. As a training center, FASE givespriority to the need for resource optimization, process improvement and satisfaction of employees, suppliers and customers. Read More
  • GastroAlianza (ES)

    GastroAlianza (ES)

    Gastro Alianza brings together more than 40 innovative companies and experts from sectors related to some of the aspects of gastronomy and food. Gastro Alianza is an association that promotes and develops activities for the improvement of gastronomy and culinary tourism and other materials that relate to gastronomy in different aspects, disseminates national and international gastronomy and traditional cuisine, and promote innovation, knowledge and knowhow, proposing and implementing promotion, commercialization and marketing of products and services, especially using new communication technologies and other innovative forms of promotion. Read More
  • Lycée A.D.(FR)

    Lycée A.D.(FR)

    The Greta du Velay supported by Lycée C. et A. Dupuy is a public training organisation gathering 21 educational institutions such as secondary schools, high schools and colleges under the wing of the Ministry of Education. Certified ISO 9001, it exists since 1975. It employs 4 training advisers and 40 trainers delivering around 300.000 training hours per year, welcoming 2000-2500 learners. It is active in the Velay, a rural area in the South of the Auvergne Region. Greta supports small and medium companies in their learning processes : analysis of training needs, delivery of training, evaluation and follow up. Read More
  • IFOA (IT)

    IFOA (IT)

    ISTITUTO FORMAZIONE OPERATORI AZIENDALI /IFOA/ is a non-profit Training and Employment Agency working to maintain and strengthen the link between people and companies since 1971. IFOA is appointed since 1999 as a national VET center, with 10 sites all over Italy. Standing out as one of the leading private training centers in Italy, IFOA delivers traditional and b-learning post- diploma (EQF 5) and post-graduate (EQF 6 and 7) programs for young unemployed, as well as lifelong training, consultancy and technical assistance to individuals, businesses and public bodies in different areas. Since its creation IFOA has trained over 36000 people as the rate of employment achieved is 89,7%. Read More
  • ProANDI (PT)

    ProANDI (PT)

    Proandi is a VET provider and an active and experienced entity in the field of vocational education and training in north of Portugal, in Póvoa de Varzim city. It was born in 2001 as external Occupational Health and Safety services provider. In 2006, it starts its activities in the market as a provider of Food Safety consulting in order to comply with the new legislation about hygiene and safety rules at workplace. Proandi is accredited by DGERT (Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations) in 15 areas of education and training since 2008 as an external entity of Institute for Employment and Vocational. Read More
  • Muğla Provincial Directorate of National Education (TR)

    Muğla Provincial Directorate of National Education (TR)

    Muğla Provincial Directorate of National Education /MEM/ is subordinate, directly, to the Ministry of National Education and is the sole public body with the powers of execution and inspection of educational processes and regulations. All of the schools of the province Muğla are linked to the directorate. The main function of the directorate is to ensure the running of educational processes and regulations, smoothly, as desired by the ministry as well as inspect, take the required steps for present or future challenges. In this sense, it can arrange or partake in any activity to contribute to education and training. Read More
  • ADRAT (PT)

    ADRAT (PT)

    Associação de Desenvolvimento da Região do Alto Tâmega /ADRAT/ strives to promote the improvement of the living conditions of a region marked by rurality, stem the loss of population, promote and value the resources and potential and provide the people with higher levels of social and economic well- being, and to create wealth, raise the quality of life of the population, while preserving the specificities and cultural identity of the Alto Tâmega Region. Read More
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Associated partners

  • Rectorat de l'académie de Clermont-Ferrand (FR)
  • Ulixes European Union Training and Research EEIG (IT)
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