Gastro Alianza brings together more than 40 innovative companies and experts from sectors related to some of the aspects of gastronomy and food. Gastro Alianza is an association that promotes and develops activities for the improvement of gastronomy and culinary tourism and other materials that relate to gastronomy in different aspects, disseminates national and international gastronomy and traditional cuisine, and promote innovation, knowledge and knowhow, proposing and implementing promotion, commercialization and marketing of products and services, especially using new communication technologies and other innovative forms of promotion. The alliance promotes the competitiveness of companies and organizations relate to gastronomy and culinary tourism, for improving the excellence of individuals and entities, particularly by promoting the meeting and collaboration between them and the quality training.

Gastro Alianza strives to develop new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning, stimulate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills of higher education teaching staff and company staff and facilitate the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge.


José Echegaray, 12, 50010 Zaragoza, Spain


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