Muğla Provincial Directorate for National Education, is subordinate, directly, to the Ministry of National Education and is the sole public body with the powers of execution and inspection of educational processes and regulations. All of the schools of the province Muğla are linked to the directorate. The main function of the directorate is to ensure the running of educational processes and regulations, smoothly, as desired by the ministry as well as inspect, take the required steps for present or future challenges. In this sense, it can arrange or partake in any activity to contribute to education and training.

The directorate keeps the progress with the aim of realizing a new system adorned with innovative techniques/methods, increasing the quality of education, internalizing and disseminating that quality within all institutions. Project-based working is an indispensable part of the directorate to achieve these aims. According to the basic policy of the directorate, all the topics regarding education/educational activities should be regarded as a project. That’s why the directorate gives importance to the ArGe (Search-Develop Department) and analyzes all the activities of this department systematically and continuously. It has been extremely important to grow up a new generation thinking solution-based, having high self-esteem, caring cultural values.



Emirbeyazıt Mahallesi, Baki Ünlü Cd. No:12, 48000 Menteşe/Muğla, Turkey


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