Proandi is a VET provider and an active and experienced entity in the field of vocational education and training in north of Portugal, in Póvoa de Varzim city. It was born in 2001 as external Occupational Health and Safety services provider. In 2006, it starts its activities in the market as a provider of Food Safety consulting in order to comply with the new legislation about hygiene and safety rules at workplace. Proandi is accredited by DGERT (Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations) in 15 areas of education and training since 2008 as an external entity of Institute for Employment and Vocational.

Proandi works with projects financed by the SFE and another programs in the VET, for youth and adults people (employed, unemployed) in areas considered necessary for socio-economic development in the face of market needs, as restaurant and bar, cook and pastry, multimedia, ICT, health, hair stylist.


31 de Janeiro 108, 4490-498 Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal


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