ADRAT strives to promote the improvement of the living conditions of a region marked by rurality, stem the loss of population, promote and value the resources and potential and provide the people with higher levels of social and economic well-being, and to create wealth, raise the quality of life of the population, while preserving the specificities and cultural identity of the Alto Tâmega Region.

ADRAT's main activity is the promotion, coordination and dynamization of important projects for the Region, providing financing and skills to carry out the most diverse types of actions. The association seeks to make significant investments in basic infrastructure and in the areas of employment, culture, leisure and the environment. Moreover, ADRAT stimulates and carries out actions aimed at strengthening the ties of the Region with its people, its history and its culture.


Av. da Cooperação Parque Empresarial Edifício INDITRANS, Lote A1, nº 2 5400-673 Outeiro Seco - Chaves


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