Should You Work in a Restaurant Before Attending Culinary School?

11 janvier 2019 Blog 549 Views

Many of those interested in becoming a chef, or pursuing some type of culinary career, become interested in food, and perhaps develop a passion for cooking, at home. Then, they decide to enroll in cooking school, and pursue their dream job: Becoming the head chef at a big-time restaurant!


Advantages and Disadvanages of Being a Culinary Artist

9 janvier 2019 Blog 696 Views

A culinary artist is someone educated in the preparation of food for restaurants. As a professional, he is more commonly referred to as a chef or head cook. Some achieve this level with a diploma and hands-on training, but many chefs complete two- or four-year culinary programs.


Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training

8 janvier 2019 Blog 749 Views

In Springer you can read Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training witch is with open access. The title of that specific material is "Supporting change in VET: teachers’ professional development and ECVET learner mobility".


ECVET Magazine issue 33 is online!

28 décembre 2018 Blog 754 Views

The 33rd issue of the ECVET Magazine is now online.